2018 Conference Schedule

April 28, 2018 - 9:00am-3:00pm

Don’t Sail Alone: Helping Families Navigate the Legal Waters of the Transition to Adulthood

Mr. Schwartz will discuss the ins and outs of special education, providing an understanding of the legal responsibilities of a school that is providing a public education and its relationship to service coordination provided by Regional Center. Additionally, Mr. Schwartz will touch on the availability of In-Home Supportive Services and the transition to adulthood and limited conservatorships. Approximately 80% of the seminar will center around special education services and the remaining 20% will explain the relationship of other services that families often encounter, or may require, as their children transition into adulthood. The purpose of this seminar is to equip you with information that you can help a family recognize and advocate for services that are available and can support an individual with special needs.

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