8th Annual Disability Ministry Conference - Canceled

CoronaVirus Update (3/17/2020)

Friends, the CDC has just placed a new recommendation for groups over 50 to not meet for 8 weeks. This falls within the time frame of our So-Cal Disability Ministry Conference on April 25th and therefore we need to cancel our gathering.  Although we are saddened by this reality, we remain hopeful that our efforts to collaborate with the CDC recommendations will result in a decrease of the spread of COVID-19.

Here is what you can expect moving forward: 

  • We will be issuing refunds as soon as possible. If you do not receive your refund in the next 2 weeks, please let us know. 

  • We remain very committed to furthering quality disability ministry. As soon as the climate of COVID-19 changes, we will be reaching out through our local networks to provide connection, collaboration and training. 

  • We are committed to hosting next year’s Disability Ministry Conference in April of 2021. We have some exciting changes planned for next year’s conference! Our hope is that the conference will continue to grow and equip a greater number of faith communities each year. Please follow our Facebook page https://www.google.com/url?q=http://facebook.com/disabilityministryconference&sa=D&ust=1584398408848000&usg=AFQjCNEL0zJfp8Hqne8DCXWedqIvbyswgA   and instagram: disabilityministryconference to keep up to date with details!

  • There are still plans for a Norcal Disability Ministry Conference in September!  Stay tuned for details!

Thank you for being a community that is passionate about loving people and shifting the culture toward true belonging.  We are in this together.  


The Disability Ministry Conference Board

Conference Details

Conference Begins Sat, Apr 25, 2020 9:00 am
Individual Price $49.00
Location Calvary Church Santa Ana

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person($)
10 25.00

Conference Schedule

What Should I Say?

Michael Hoggatt
Disabled, Person with a Disability, Special Needs, Differently-Abled, etc. Labels come from a variety of perspectives and approaches. This workshop will look at the implications of the language you choose as you attempt to promote your ministry both to potential participants as well as individuals within your own congregation.

Responding to Behaviors in a Trauma-Informed Manner

Alicia McCormick
This workshop will focus on the intersection between trauma and behavior management. What is often seen as challenging behaviors can be a trauma response, and most people are unprepared to respond in a caring yet corrective way. This workshop is for foster/adoptive and special needs parents and ministry workers who want to know more about how people function, how people are built for connection, and how we can respond when people are not acting the way we expect them to.

Volunteers-Bring Them In and Don't Let Them Leave

Amy Kendall
Volunteers are the backbone of a thriving Disabilities Ministry, but getting them to serve and keeping them serving can sometimes be hard. During this workshop, we will talk about ways to find and recruit new leaders and bring them on as volunteers and also about ways to keep them excited about serving and not wanting to stop. We will also touch on types of training you can do with your volunteers and also how to best shepherd your student volunteers to allow them to be part of a solid foundation of your ministry.

The Radical Art of Seeing People

Andrea Moriarty
Perpetuating her vision for "radical inclusion" in churches and culture, Moriarty will share both realities and theological aspects of loving people exactly how God created them and fostering this way of seeing and being in communities.

Who's My Church? A Focus on People NOT Programs

Reid Moriarty
Tracing the life of one young man from nursery through early elementary, high school, and adult involvement in his local church, this session will compare theory with reality revealing what really works. Co-presented by mother and son, the workshop will contrast best-laid plans for “programs" with actual relationships that disciple and model Jesus. Participants will be challenged to identify, enlist, and appreciate the natural strengths and spiritual gifts of all the members in the community. And hear about the making of Reid’s worship CD, “Shine.”

Simple Strategies to Address Challenging Behaviors

Janice Chan
Inattention, noncompliance, and disruptive behavior have the potential to cause ministry workers to feel ineffective, frustrated, and burnt out! In this workshop, you will learn a few simple strategies that will help you prevent these challenging behaviors and respond appropriately if they do happen.

It Makes Sense!: Exploring the role our senses play in interpreting our world, connecting with others and connecting with God.

Jeannie Wronski, MA.,OTR/L
Participants will: * Gain an increased awareness of the profound impact senses play in interpreting our world. * Understand sensory processing challenges for those with special needs. * Gain awareness and be better equipped to identify behaviors that are based on sensory preferences or challenges. * Learn strategies to address specific sensory based challenges. * Encounter insights into connecting with God through prayer practices that engage the senses.

Latino Community and Disability Ministry

Rebeca Gomez
This seminar will address the unique perspectives and cultural considerations specific to the Latino community and disability ministry. (IN SPANISH)

Getting Started: How to start a special needs ministry

Michelle Martin
Starting a special needs/disability ministry can feel like a daunting task. This seminar is designed to encourage you with foundational tools to get your ministry off the ground.

Super Tools: A Make-n-Take Workshop

Linda Martin, MME, MT-BC
There are a few 'super tools' that every great special needs ministry should have. Participants will not only make and take these tools with them, but will learn effective practices for when, where, and how to utilize these tools.

Collaborating with youth pastors.

Melissa Brosch MDiv
A lot of things change when students leave “children’s ministry”. This seminar will focus on how to collaborate with youth pastors to help fully include students with disabilities, keeping in mind the changing social, emotional and spiritual climate for teenagers.

A Christian Model of Disability

Jeff McNair
A Christian model of disability unpacks what disability is, through a biblically-based description of five relationships. These include 1) the person with impairments in relation to God, 2) the person with impairments in relation to themselves, 3) the person with impairments in relation to the community, 4) the community in relation to itself, and 5) the community in relation to God. McNair’s desire is that this will continue and perhaps further conversation about a Christian, biblical view of disability, while also challenging exclusively secular notions.

Curriculum Development for Adults with Disabilities

Kathi McNair
Come learn how to create and/or adapt curriculum for the needs of your adult community.

Outreach to Young Adults and Adults with Disabilities

Dave Bulloch

Ministering to Adults with a Disability

Jennifer Felix
This seminar is an overview of the basic components of building and sustaining a successful adult ministry.

Diverse Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Disability

Bethany McKinney Fox, MDiv, PhD
Our disability ministry practices reflect our theological and biblical understandings of disability and human flourishing. In this session we will explore three of the most common Christian approaches to thinking about disability. We will look at diverse Christian responses to questions like: what does "disability" mean? Why does disability exist in the world? What would healing and flourishing for people with disabilities look like? By naming these perspectives, participants will be able to more clearly articulate their own theological ideas around disability. We will then discuss the types of ministry practices each biblical and theological perspective tends to create.

Choosing Your Influence

Sandi Anderson
Developing resilience, gaining perspective, finding joy and unlocking hope: wisdom from a mother of 2 children with special needs. Whether you're a parent of a child with special needs, or you're desiring new ways to love and encourage parents of those with special needs, this session is for you!

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