Seminar Concentrations

This year our seminars will focus on three different categories. The three categories are designed to help you develop your theology and philosophy of Disability Ministry, give you practical tools to implement in your programs, and give you tools to encourage participants towards a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Theology

    “What comes to mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” - A.W. Tozer. How we view God and what God says about disability will undoubtedly shape the way we practice Disability Ministry. We want our practices to be shaped by a deeper understanding of God’s character and Scripture. These seminars are good for people just learning about Disability Ministry, people who are in positions to answer difficult questions about disability, or for questioning hearts who want a deeper theological understanding of where disability fits with our view of God.

  • Equipping and Training

    These seminars are designed to be practical and tangible. So many of us working in disability ministry ask ourselves the question, “So….what do I DO?!?!” These seminars seek to answer some of those questions!

  • Growth and Discipleship

    Our goal in advancing quality Disability Ministry is not simply to run cool programs. We want our friends with disabilities to be growing and deepening their relationship with God! We want people who experience our services, programs and events to walk away more equipped to experience God for themselves. These seminars will focus on how to disciple people with disabilities and help them grow.

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