2019 Presenters

Meet our 2019 session presenters

Christen Morrow-Ara & Zachary Richards

Christen has lead ministry with youth with varying abilities in the USA and Latin America for over 20 years. She loves dreaming with leaders about how to reach youth and their families in their context and serves with Young Life overseeing Capernaum (the disability focus ministry) for 5 states. Christen’s undergraduate degree from California State University, Fresno in Therapeutic Recreation and postgraduate degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Global Leadership have only fueled her passion to be a learner and a practitioner of ministry to and with her friends with disabilities inside and outside of the local Church. Christen and her husband Christian live in Central California with Abi (4), Will (2) and Zachary (20).    

Zachary became part of the Young Life Capernaum ministry in 2015 while in high school, and very quickly the team realized he was ready for leadership and service. Zach has served on prayer teams, with transportation, at month long summer camps in multiple capacities, as a ‘manny’ for babies of teen moms in Young Life, but his deep passion is to help kids with disabilities know Jesus. Zach is being invited to preach and help train leaders alongside Christen. When Zachary graduated from high school and his parents moved overseas to teach, he moved in with the Ara family and became Christen’s older ‘bonus son,’ but really also a ministry partner!


Partnering Together for the Sake of the Gospel - Matthew 14

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