Deborah Ramos

Deborah Ramos, a young woman with a passion for the pen, is a student at a film school called Options for All: Film and Media Studio, where she is studying the art of screenwriting. Enjoying an idyllic life with her family in beautiful Sunnyvale, CA, Deborah has expressed interest in video games, literature, fantasy films, and anime. When she is not chilling at home, she is busy helping both toddlers and preschoolers learn about God while volunteering at Safari Kids Ministry at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. Recently she has directed a short documentary, Building the Bridge: Making the Magic Happen as requested by the co-founders of Magical Bridge Foundation. At the same time, she has recently finished writing an original screenplay called Un-Sleeping Beauty, that is currently in the process of being brought to life through film. Prior to attending film school, Deborah has attended and graduated from Homestead High School, where she was part of the Frontier Literary Magazine, and De Anza College, where she became involved in the Inclusability Club and graduated with honors. Finally, her writing also gained notice when she published a review for the viewing event of the National Theatre’s take on Frankenstein as part of a collaboration project for celebrating the book’s 200th Anniversary in 2018 while attending San Jose State University. 


Diary of a Screenwriter

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