The San Francisco Bay Area is a global leader for innovation and technological advancement… and a national hot spot for disabilities. In a culture that venerates hyper-achievement,special-needs families need The Good News that their children are wonderfully and fearfully made. Ironically, only 10-15% of churches are equipped to receive them.We’ve been called to innovate, advocate, and integrate, for such a time as this.


In her workshop Christine will talk about Sensory Integration Disorder and how it will affect your ministry.  She will also talk about techniques and activities that will help you become a more sensory sensitive church. 


Tools shared will help you craft your vision and build the bones needed to launch your ministry.


Every individual and every church/program is unique. In this workshop we will discuss practical and creative ways to adapt, modify and create curriculum activities for all AGES & STAGES of development for students with special needs & disabilities. Attendees will receive a toolkit of Tips, Tools & Idea to support lesson development and teaching strategies for their church ministry needs.


In this workshop you will learn basic facts and characteristics of Autism in an interactive way while also learning a few strategies to prevent problem behavior in the classroom or ministry setting. 


Attendees will learn about basic functions of behavior (the ‘why’?), and simple environment changes that support communication and choice-making for all students. The second portion of the workshop will be spent practicing these new skills in a hands on-interactive format called behavioral skills training. Attendees will leave with the materials needed to share these tools to their church team.


Disability affects every member of the family.  This workshop will offer practical tools for churches desiring to support the whole family by meeting practical needs, building community and combating isolation.  It will also help participants better understand the unique ways disability affects parents, spouses, siblings, and extended families.


We will hear how the support that came from participating in Abundant Life’s Special Adventure ministry gave Deborah confidence to serve in Children’s ministry.  That confidence has led her to thrive as a local writer and film director.

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