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Janice Chan, MA, BCBA

Janice Chan, M.A., BCBA, is the deacon of special needs ministry at Reservoir Church in San Diego. In her day job, she specializes in training adults to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with young children with autism. She is currently the lead trainer on an autism research team at University of California, San Diego. She also supervises teachers in the implementation of ABA in their classrooms. Ms. Chan serves on the boards of directors for two San Diego-based nonprofit organizations: Banding Together, a music therapy nonprofit, and Miracle 139 International, who sends short-term teams of special education professionals to train about special education and inclusion in developing countries. Her previous work experience includes moderate/severe classroom teacher, in-home ABA provider, tutoring, and consulting in overseas autism centers.

Behavior: Management, Intervention, and Prevention of potentially disruptive/unsafe behavior
Keep It Positive: Positive Behavior Support Strategies for Your Disability Ministry
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Safety: Ensuring safety for participants and volunteers involved in your ministry

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